Book List

Kenzer and Co

Blood and Shadows: The Dark Elves of Tellene
By the Sword: Dueling in the Realms of Fantasy
Dangerous Denizens: The Monsters of Tellene
Divine Masters: The Faiths and Followers of Tellene
Friend and Foe: The Elves and Bugbears of Tellene
Friend and Foe: The Gnomes and Kobolds of Tellene
Fury in the Wastelands: The Orcs of Tellene
Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurer’s Guide
Greed and Glory: A Guidebook to the Brigand and Gladiator
Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting
Player’s Guide to the Sovereign Lands
Player’s Primer
Salt and Sea Dogs: The Pirates of Tellene
Stealth and Style: Guidebook to the Infiltrator and Basiran Dancer
Strength and Honor: The Mighty Hobgoblins of Tellene
Villain Design Handbook

White Wolf Publishing
Creature Collection Revised
Creature Collection II
Creature Collection III

Wizards of the Coast

Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Psionic
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Warrior
Dungeon Master’s Guide; Dungeon Master’s Guide II
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Heroes of Battle
Magic Item Compendium
Miniatures Handbook
Monster Manual I-V
Player’s Handbook; Player’s Handbook II
Races of Destiny
Races of Stone
Races of the Wild
Spell Compendium
Unearthed Arcana


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